About Us

Retiree Council 8
is a group of retirees residing in Madison, Oneida and Oswego Counties officially recognized within the NYSUT Constitution and is granted the right to elect delegates to the NYSUT Representative Assembly and the AFT Convention.

Goals of NYSUT Retirees 

  • Work to keep pensions secure and to improve COLA.
  • Work with in-service members and the community to secure access to affordable health benefits for all retired members.
  • Work to enrich the lives of retiree members through educational and social activities.
  • Continue to organize, represent, advocate for and provide services for retired members.
  • Work with in-service members to promote collective bargaining, political action, better education and improved health care working conditions.
  • Work for positive socioeconomic societal changes.
  • To defend income security (including Social Security and Medicare) for all retired workers.

History of the Council 

Map of Region

The RC 8 Constitution