Retiree Chapter Information

Adirondack - Adirondack Area Educational Retirees
- Patricia Thomas
Secretary - Christine Adsit
Treasurer - David Adsit

  • Dues: $10.00
  • Meetings:  The first Wednesday of May, July, September and November.  Held at various area restaurants.
  • Scholarships: Two Senior Awards, one to Adirondack and one to South Lewis
  • Thirty Six awards to elementary schools at Adirondack and South Lewis. Six to each elementary school in each district.
  • Six Barnes and Noble gift cards to the Middle schools in each district, 3 to SL and 3 to Adirondack.
  • Backpacks and school supplies for the needy to Mathew's Place
  • Gift baskets to Shut-ins baskets at Christmas.

Canastota CREW:
Co-Presidents - Howard Astrachan, Nancy Fradenburg
Secretary - Janet Fisher
Treasurer - Gail Strong

  • Dues: $10.00
  • Meetings: Fall and Spring
  • Winter Luncheon with Canastota and VVS
  • Donations to assorted groups including American Cancer society and local Dollars for Scholars

Clinton RTA
President - Carl Wheat
Vice-President - Marcia Dziura
Secretary/Treasurer - Janet Burt
Sunshine Committee - Kathy Weingartner
CRTA Rep. to the CTA Executive Board - Sheri Hunter
RC8 Reps - Marie Duink and Carl Wheat

  • Dues: $20.00 - includes RC8 dues
  • Meetings:  Monthly meetings on 3rd Monday of month @ 9:00 AM @Breakfast At Tiffany's in Kirkland
  • Scholarship: The Clinton Retired Teachers Association provides a CRTA Award to a graduating senior who plans on entering the field of education.

Oneida County BOCES Retirees
Chairperson - open
Co-chairperson - Dorie Maciag
Treasurer - Jack Vail
Secretary - Keith Joslin
Newsletter Editor - Keith Joslin

  • Meetings are held twice a year in May and September.
  • Outreach Mission: We provide a scholarship each year to a graduating senior.

Oneida Retired Educators Association (OREA)
President – Patricia Albaugh
Treasurer - Jean Ottman
Secretary - Diane Belusar
Newsletter - Jill Thomas
Public Relations - Virginia Seminaroti
RC8 Reps - Kam Brown, Sarge Sorrentino
OTA Rep - Jean Martin

  • Dues: $10.00
  • Meeting Schedule: 1st Day Breakfast
                                Fall and Spring Luncheons
                                Winter Luncheon with Canastota and VVS
  • Steering Committee meets every 6-8 weeks.
  • Scholarship:  We give Student Teacher Grants in Fall and Spring

Oriskany Retiree’s Organization (ORO)

2018-2019 Officers & Meetings


RC8 Challenge

Are you looking for ways to involve your local retirees and make them more aware of what goes on at RC8 meetings?  Challenge them to join in on the fun!

The Oriskany "RC8 Challenge" program was inspired by retired Oriskany Elementary School principal, and faithful RC8 participant, Norma Harter.  Norma asked for one retiree volunteer per month to attend an RC8 meeting with her.  Since the beginning of the Challenge 3 years ago, the Oriskany retirees who have attended have gained a better understanding of the purpose and function of the RC8 Steering Committee.

What do you have to lose?  Just ask, and you may find that one of your local retirees will accompany you to the next meeting.  Oriskany has found it helpful to pass around a sign-up sheet for all RC8 meetings for the upcoming year, and to send a monthly reminder and a copy of the meeting agenda to that month's volunteer.

Although Norma Harter passed away on July 17, 2012, we can keep her vision of improving retiree communication alive through the "RC8 Challenge".  She would love that.  Thanks, Norma! 

Holland Patent Retired Teachers' Association
President - Carol Parzych
Secretary - Bonnie Churcher
Treasurer - Claudette Johnson
Newsletter Editor - Rose Hosp
Sunshine - Carol Zaleski
RC8 - Dan Schue, Jeannine Grossman
Insurance Committee - Dan Schue, Chuck Galuzzo, Roger White
Social Chairperson - Sharon Williams

  • Meet the 3rd Thursday of every month, September - May; social events are monthly about 8x/year, at various restaurants
  • Dues: $15.00
  • Sponsor an annual scholarship (James A. Warden Memorial Scholarship) to a graduating senior who is entering the field of education

New Hartford Retirees – Part of NHTA
President – Jamie McNair
Contact Person – Lois Muniente

  • Dues: $15.00
  • Meet on the first Tuesday of the month October through June
  • Column written by a retiree appears in the NHTA Chalkboard
  • All other communication by e-mail
  • Outreach: collect food for area food pantries
  • Mike Corn Scholarship

Remsen Retired Teachers Association (RRTA)
President – Jan Corn
Secretary/Treasurer - Pat Robinson 

  • Dues: $15.00
  • 2018-2019 Meeting Dates: 
    9/13 6PM Hotel Ohio
    12/6 noon Soda Fountain (Bring a $5-10 gift to exchange)
    4/11 noon Soda Fountain 
    7/11 6PM Aqua Vino
  • Christmas Party: 12/10
  • Outreach: 1 College Scholarship

Rome Retired Teachers - Part of RTA

Please click here to access RTA Retiree Representatives and Alternates.

  • Dues paid to the RTA by Retirees for 2018-19 are $22.00 for members under age 75 and still $15.00 for those 75 and older. In addition, members can include an additional $5.00 in their dues checks for RC8 for a total of $27.00 for those under 75 and $20.00 for those over 75.
  • Meetings are held at least twice a year as announced.  
  • The Rome Teacher's Association office is currently located at is now located at 1721 Black River Blvd., L-4, Rome NY 13440.  Our new phone number is 315-533-5784.  The President of the Association is Robert A. Wood, V.P. Josette Canarelli, Secretary Jessica Lattimore, and Treasurer Patricia Nisieicz.  The new email address for the Rome Teacher Center is
  • The goal of the retirees is to reach out to encourage everyone to maintain membership with the RTA.  Those who have lost contact with us are asked to call or email so that we can reestablish communications.  The RTA publishes a quarterly newspaper named the WINK, which can be mailed or obtained online, where retirees regularly submit news updates about our activities.  We are hoping to plan some fun events for everyone to attend this year.
  • RTA Retirees continue to be active in the community through volunteer events such as the annual Heart Run and Walk, bell ringing during the Holidays, donating and wrapping gifts for the RTA Children’s Fund, fundraising for the Cancer Society and lending a hand when we are needed.  Stay in touch!

Utica Retired Teachers Association (RUTA) 
President - Al Sherline
Vice President - Janice Okey
Secretary/Treasurer - Diane Waskiewicz

  • Dues: $15.00
  • Meetings: two, one in Fall and one in Spring
  • Missions: To give grants to Utica Teachers; to host pre-retirememt workshops; to provide books to tutor programs; to work with UTA on scholarships; to work with UTA on special projects and events; to keep retirees abreast of all topics that pertain to us; to provide social events to encourage camaraderie

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Retired Teachers Association (VVSRTA)
President – open
Secretary/Treasurer – Barbara Dam
Newsletter Editor – Joanne Scanlan
Communications – Bill Boyd
Board of Directors – Sis Merrill, Ken Drake

  • Dues: $10.00
  • Two meetings: Breakfast in September, Luncheon in June
  • Winter Luncheon with Canastota and VVS
  • Mission: Book It
  • Scholarships: Award two $250 scholarships to students going into education

Whitesboro RTA
Chairperson – Florence Wood
Secretary – Fran Reppel
Treasurer – Nancy Clarke
Newsletter Editor -

  • Dues: $11.00

Whitesboro Retired Teachers Association Meeting Schedule for
Location: Breakfast at Tiffany's Restaurant, 40 Seneca Turnpike, Clinton, NY Phone 315-853-8093 at 11:30 to 1:30 on September 10, 2014, November 12, 2014, March 11, 2015, June 10, 2015. 
Contact: Florence Wood at 315-736-8090