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Retiree Chapters Develop Grant Programs: 


From Holland Patent RTA

HPRTA Educational Grant Application K-12

The HPRTA is happy to announce that it will be offering two classroom grants of $100 each to two current Holland Patent teachers.  There are so many out-of-pocket expenses that teachers bear each year.  As retired teachers, we are well aware of these expenses and want to help current HPTA members.  This grant will be awarded each year to two teachers K-12 to assist in an activity that students will happily anticipate, thoroughly enjoy and fondly remember.  This grant may not be used to purchase equipment or supplies customarily provided by the HPCS.  This grant may also be used to help defray the cost of a workshop that would support an HPTA member’s professional growth but would not be paid for by HPCS.  


Name: _________________________________________________________

School/Grade Level/Subject:________________________________________

Home Address/Phone Number:____________________________________________________

Type of Purchase/Expense (be specific)______________________________________________



If this grant is being used to support a classroom activity, please attach an outline or summary of that activity and include a supply list.  

If this grant is being used for professional development, please attach specific information about this training, the cost, and how you will use this training to benefit your students.


Please submit this form to HPRTA:_____________________________ by _________ 


The HPRTA executive committee will review the applications received by that date at the next business meeting following the due deadline and will award the grant to two deserving HPTA members.


After an HPTA member receives a scholarship, he/she must wait three years before applying for another.

From Utica RTA

At the September 2018 meeting, the Retired Utica Teachers Association formed a committee of 4 to administer 
the new Grant Initiative. The criteria was to be something different than the regular classroom activity. 11 grant requests were submitted from various grade levels and areas. 11 grants of $100.00 were funded.



From:  NYSUT Retiree Services

Communications Director Damien LaVera would like you to know that "Our
Voices" video featuring retirees has been posted.  NYSUT Communications
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