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2017 Mike Corn Award Recipient, Paul Fitzpatrick

RC 8 Members Picket Tenney's Office in New Hartford, Friday, May 12, 2017

Left to Right: Jan Corn, Ken Drake, Cheryl Zammiello Carole Gerhig

2016 Mike Corn Award Recipient

Jean Ottman - OREA

(Left to Right) Ken Drake, Jean Ottman, and Jan CornJean Ottman has been the glue that has kept OREA together since its inception in 2001. For fifteen years she has served tirelessly as our treasurer.  It is due to her persistence that we have the number of members that we have.  Jean collects our dues annually at our Fall breakfast, and then follows up with e-mails or letters to members who have not paid. Jean is also responsible for keeping our members “in the loop” since she keeps a distribution list of all the members and is able to forward any information we want to share with the whole group.   In addition to OREA duties, Jean is also an election inspector. She has volunteered her time for years to sit at the polls on Election Day and be part of this civic process.  As a member of Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, Jean audited their books and was a valuable member of that group for many years. In  2009 Jean received the “Roses to the Living Award” sponsored by the Oneida Rotary Club for her volunteer work with Oneida Health Care. She volunteered her time managing the Lifeline Emergency Response System for Madison and Oneida Counties.  Jean played an active role in the Oneida Teachers Association and has continued to be a NYSUT supporter since she retired. She welcomes every new retiree to the Oneida Retired Educators Association with a personal invitation.  It is for these reasons that I nominate Jean Ottman for the Mike Corn Award.

Jean Martin - OREA President