CNY Alliance for Retired Americans


Comptroller Thomas Di Napoli at ARA meeting
May 11, 2018.  Bill Spreter shares a moment
with Tom in the second picture. 








Dear Geralyn - NYSUT Retiree Services,

The Republican-led House of Representatives 
has opened a new front in their war against older Americans.


On Thursday they will vote on a so-called Balanced Budget 
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, claiming it is needed to reduce the deficit.


A Balanced Budget Amendment would be a disaster 
for current and future retirees and result in significant 
Social Security and Medicare cuts. We need to stop this idea in its tracks.


Please send a message to your member of Congress now.


According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities(CBPP), 
a Balanced Budget Amendment would fundamentally change the way 
that Social Security has operated for decades.


The Social Security Administration would be prohibited from using 
its trust fund reserves to pay current beneficiaries. That means the 
amount paid in any given year would have to come from the 
payroll taxes collected in that year. If it became necessary to 
tap into the Social Security reserve funds under the BBA, 
it would result in benefit cuts for beneficiaries.


Please help stop this. Send a message to your representative
and tell them a balanced budget amendment is unacceptable for Americans.


Social Security does not contribute one penny to the deficit. 
It should not be used to pay for the new massive tax cuts at the expense of retirees.


With your help we can stop this latest attack on our earned benefits.


Thank you for your support!



Richard Fiesta

Executive Director

Alliance for Retired Americans