NYSUT Retirees number over 200,000.   We are part of the more than 600,000 members of NYSUT that led the drive for COLA and continue to press for other improvements in pensions, assured health benefits, Social Security and Medicare.

Retirees are educated, experienced, resourceful and engaged.  We are active people who stay abreast of current legislation and possible changes affecting education, health care, our retirement and our many other fields of interest. We retired; we didn't resign from life.  We still  care about the education, health and well-being of our community, of our successors and of ourselves.  We continue to grow, and to give of ourselves unselfishly.  (Retiree Membership Handbook)

RC 8 is the collective voice of support for workers’ rights and public education in Oneida, Madison and Oswego Counties.  We strive to to achieve the goals of NYSUT as we work to find common solutions to problems that affect all members of society.   We work with other labor groups, religious groups and school related groups in an effort to preserve public education and counter the efforts of the privatization movement. 

The annual membership fee for Retiree Council 8 is $5.00.  If you belong to a retiree chapter, your dues may be paid by the treasurer of your chapter.  If you don't belong to a chapter, you can pay your dues using the Participation Form made available to you on this website or in the RC 8 Newsletter. 

2017-2018 Participation Form