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Labor Agency Report 09/28/17

President’s Report:

     Labor is very concerned about the Janus case about Agency Fee to be heard by this Supreme Court

     Oct 5, 2017, 5-7 PM at Danielle’s No ConCon Workshop sponsored by PEF

     Oct 14, 2017, United Way Jam Fest:  free, tent, tables, bring banners

     Special 10th Anniversary Gompers Awards poster being printed for past and present honorees

        Honorees must be sent to the Labor Council by Oct 6th in time for the poster to be printed

Field Mobilization:

     United War- official kickoff held on Sept. 21, goal is to raise $2.28 million. Al Cohen- education chair

     Active Shooter Training:  Oct. 25th, Mary Wrege from Cornell Coop Extension & Oneida Co. Sheriff

     Childhood Obesity Initiative:  Fit Kids Fit Future training done by Enesa and Samantha so they are now

        licensed trainers, Conkling School is the pilot school with others interested

     Christmas party set for Dec. 14, 2017

     Coat Drive:  Lightly used winter coats and boots to be accepted

     Website:  www.cnylaboragency.com send your links

 COPE:  34 people interviewed with the Council endorsing the following:

     Oneida County Legislative District 4- Mike Clancy, 6- Sebastian Interlandi III, 12- Michael Brown, 

        16- none, 19- Ed Welsh, 22- Robert Olivera, 23- Emil Paparella

     Oneida County Family Court- Julie Giruzzi-Mosca

     Rome- 3rd Sheri LaGreco

     Madison County Clerk- Jon Bell

     New Hartford Town Council- Debra Wilson Allam

     Herkimer County Legislative District 1- Keith Rubino, 12- Tim Lyon

     Town of Lenox Council- Douglas Blanchard

     Town of German Flats Highway Superintendent- Carmen Newton

     Westmoreland Town Council- Ron Klopenstein

     Oneida City Council- Ward 1, Al Cohen

     City of Utica:  Council at Large- Frank DiBrango, Jack Lomedico

        Common Council- 3rd John Jacon, 4th Joe Merino, Frank Meola, 5th Bill Phillips, 6thSamantha Testa

        Comptroller:  William Morehouse                    


Why We Celebrate Labor Day - Paul G. Jaehnert, Vadnais Heights, Minn.

The reason we celebrate Labor Day is largely because of the contributions made by unions to the betterment of America's workers. The idea of a Labor Day holiday itself was conceived and promoted by labor organizations.

The numerous beneficial influences of organized labor cannot be ignored. Most of the benefits workers now enjoy are directly attributable to unions. To cite but a few: the 40-hr. workweek; paid holidays and vacations; sick leave; grievance procedures, collective bargaining and generally superior wages.

Unfortunately, succeeding generations have come to take those benefits for granted. Most of those benefits came about because of unions and soon became the norm for union and many non-union workers as well.

All American workers owe a debt of gratitude to Organized Labor for its achievements.