CNYLC Newsletter


Labor Council Report 04/24/19


2 new Delegates were welcomed and sworn into the Council:  Beth Hall from CSEA, and Derek Carr from 



President’s Report

-The Worker Memorial Day on 4/17/19 went well with good weather and would like feedback on the event. The park was cleaned by Labor Council volunteers and looks good.  

-Resolution approved to donate $100 each for the groups that performed.

-Samantha is attending the “Stand Against Racism” Rally in Utica at noon on 4/25/19.

-She is also testifying on behalf of farmworkers in Morrisville.


Field Mobilization

-April 27 is a United Way Thank You Breakfast for the volunteers who helped with Tax Preparation

-June 11 is the annual Labor Agency meeting which has open positions for VP and Secretary. Samantha is temporarily stepping down as she is in the campaign for Oneida County Legislator.

-June 6 is the Council’s pouring day for Saranac Thursday with 15 volunteers needed.

-June 25this a Day of Action with sponsors needed and people to volunteer to pack food. Resolution approved to donate $500 as a sponsorship for food.

-Resolution approved for $50 to sponsor a hole of golf in memory of Larry Custadero of the Utica TA.



-Candidates were interviewed and a list of endorsements was presented to the Council.  A heated discussion resulted in a tabling of the recommendations to be discussed after a review of the By Laws and voting procedures along with procedural questions answered by the NY State AFL-CIO by the time of a rescheduled meeting on May 16th.  


Financial Report

-Treasurer gave the Financial Report which was approved.


New Business- none


Good and Welfare-no reports



Labor Council Report 03/28/19


2 new Delegates were welcomed and sworn into the Council:  John Brown from CSEA, and Anthony Gorea from the Utica TA.


-Prior to the meeting, Ed Welsh from the USPS Letter Carriers in Albany spoke about the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive that will be conducted on May 11, 2019.  It is the single largest collection of food in the US with all donations going to the local community food pantry.  When bags are distributed the campaign is more successful.  4 union logos can be printed on each bag to show support by your local.  

-A volunteer table will be set up at Chanatry’s by the Council from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to encourage drop offs and donations.  


President’s Report

-The Council is busy with COPE screenings

-The St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 3/16/19 went well and now the Council has a permanent float.


Field Mobilization

-April 28 is Worker Memorial Day but we will conduct the ceremony on April 17, 2019 at the Memorial with a dinner to follow.  Plans are being made to Lay a Wreath by way of the Ilion Fire Dept., have a color guard, conduct a 21 gun salute, have an invocation, and a performance by a bag piper. $30.00 per person.

-June 25this a Day of Action with sponsors needed and people to volunteer to pack food.

-May 2ndwill be the combined date for the April and May Labor Council meetings.



-Candidates are calling to be placed on the schedule for interviews and endorsements.  The dates are April 2, 3, 4 and 9,10,11 from 5:00-9:00 PM


Financial Report

-Treasurer absent but Financial Report approved.


New Business

$500 was approved to have union label bags be printed with the logo for the USPS Letter Carriers “Stamp Out Hunger” campaign.


Good and Welfare

-Pat Costello reported that the Building Trades table at Hoops and Dreams Basketball was very successful with 18 solid candidates for apprenticeships recruited.

-Nona Carey reported on the planned layoffs by the Rome City School District.  The Council is supportive of RTA and district labor groups and is willing to participate in any rally.  They will reach out to the RTA president.  The Utica TA reported that their district will be hiring 100 and welcome workers to apply!!!


Labor Council Report 02/28/19


President’s Report

-The Legislative Breakfast is on 2/8/19 at the Delta Hotel by Marriot 8-11 AM was very successful. Politicians attending were positive and the feedback is good.  Suggestions are to ask different questions of each legislator.


Field Mobilization

-Free Tax prep for anyone earning $56,000 and under at the United Way began on 1/25/19 and they are very busy.

-St. Patrick’s Parade on 3/14/19, Marchers to meet at 7:30 to prepare the float. Resolution approved to purchase more t--shirts available for marchers or wear your union regalia. Donations of candy needed.

-April 28 is Worker Memorial Day but we will conduct the ceremony on May 2, 2019 due to spring break with a joint April/May Labor Council business meeting.  

-Volunteers being recruited for Move the Train.

-PFL and FLMA training is completed for this year and has been very successful.

-Heart Run and Walk March 2 in Utica.  The directors would like to bring education to the Labor Council on heart health so that it may be disseminated to member unions.  Fran Roy will look into a schedule.



-Pat Costello, the outgoing chair, is encouraging member unions to contact their legislators and the Governor’s office to put $1.5 million funding for 211 back into the budget. Shouldn’t have to fight for it every year, as it is a valuable need for working families, seniors, etc.  

-Petitions are being circulated for local candidates.  Samantha is running for District 11 Oneida County Legislator from Oriskany 

-The Building Trades union is planning to conduct a Basketball Tournament to reach inner city voters and provide education about careers.

-The Executive Committee is looking at revising language in the booklet for Labor Council endorsements and working on providing an online application.

-Pat Costello reminded the group that each union is free to endorse its candidates and there may be differences of opinion but ,”Politicians cannot divide this Council.”


Financial Report

-Treasurer absent but Financial Report approved.


Good and Welfare

-3/6/19 Focus Rehab SEIU 1199 is having a die-in march to focus on the $550 million cut to Medicaid in the Governor’s Budget, which will result in a similar cut in Federal funding totaling $1 billion. The Rome Hospital will be severely impacted as it has only 15 days of cash.  Additionally, the City of Utica will be sending to collection ambulance bills which will impact the individual and the Fire Dept. ambulance service. Asking local unions to contact their legislators!!



Labor Council Report 01/24/19


President’s Report

--The Labor Wire is the new newsletter being mailed and emailed by the Labor Council on the 15thof the 

      month.  Please send your content by the 7thof the month for publication.

-The goal for Samantha this year is to build relationships with the council with diverse groups.  

-The Legislative Breakfast is on 2/8/19 at the Delta Hotel by Marriot 8-11 AM.  Politicians are attending.  

      Mario Cilento of the NY AFL-CIO is the Guest Speaker.

--The Women’s March on 1/20/19 guest speaker was Samantha, the first woman Pres. of Labor Council


Field Mobilization

-Free Tax prep for anyone earning $56,000 and under at the United Way begins on 1/25/19.  Labor

     Council volunteers will build a partition for tax prep area.

-United Way Hockey Night on 2/16/19 at Utica College. 

-St. Patrick’s Parade on 3/14/19, t-shirts available for marchers or wear your union regalia.

-The new name for the agency is the James S. Cook Labor Agency 



-The first meeting of the year will be on 2/5/19.  Because  primaries will be held the first week of June

      petitions must be submitted earlier.  The COPE Committee will be discussing primary endorsements.  

-Early voting and changes to voter registrations has been approved by the NY Legislature.


Financial Report

-2019 Budget approved. The Council will purchase a tablecloth for special events at the office.


Old Business

--“Labor of Love Project” looking for crochet and knitters to make chemo caps and wrap blankets.

    Meetings will be held Monday evenings 6-8 PM at the Oriskany Public Library, 621 Utica St.  Yarn 

    donations will be accepted.   A union label maker was found and will be added to the donation. 

    Looking for funding for yarn.  Donations must be new, free of pet hair, smoke, perfume, made of 

    cotton, acrylic, fleece, or a blend, of patterns with a tight stitch without large gaps or holes. Wash 

    hands regularly while making.  Place in clear zip-lock plastic bag.  Call 315-735-6101 to join!


Good and Welfare

-A Marketing major intern from Utica College comes every day to work on Facebook and Social Media

-Golf Outing and United Way Kick Off on 8/10/19, committee needed.

-Presbyterian Home contract has been ratified.  

-UAW posting online news of plant closings in Baltimore.

-5/11/19 USPS Letter Carriers “Stamp Out For Hunger” will be collecting food donaitons.